Business Card

Tasked with a business card to be made. We learnt what colours the laser cutter reads and how it works.

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-16-39-32Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 16.41.26.png

The Lighthouse

Monday the 10th October I took a trip to Glasgow to visit some museums including the Lighthouse on mitchell lane which I recommend a trip too for anyone. Click on each photo for a description.

Pixel Me!

As clear, this was made before the rotoscope. A 16×16 pixel photo can show so much such as the main colours in your face and people can still guess it’s you! Compare the two, what looks more fun? The rotoscope was but this was still an enjoyable yet quick task!



A task we were set is to make a rotoscope of ourselves, this was very hard but an exciting task. I found the face the hardest as trying to get my darker/contour areas were annoying, it always looked stupid! Improvements could be made but that is with everything. This is something I would love to do again, even with other faces such as celebrities and see what they turn out like. Could even use this for halloween it’s that scary.alices-new-face

The Meeting

A small project we did was drawing a culturally significant object, of course I did a MacBook as many depend on it. I placed it into a photoshop file, edited it to make it look more real and less as a drawing then added some images around it to give it a better feel. I enjoyed this as it took a small amount of time yet a good outcome came of it. I feel this will be something I can do again.alices-sketch-other-composition

T Shaped Individual

Recently the class at Napier have been working on t shapes to show our inspirations and influences. The top is the influences from areas such as art, photography, nature and architecture… The bottom is inspirations in the graphic world. This project is ongoing and I find it very interesting documenting my design life through a unique image which can change as time goes on.alices-t-shape